Monday 6 June 2022

Nocmig Update

Now is a good time to do a quick nocmig update before we reach the half-way point of 2022, so lets take a look at the first half of the year.

In January and February I only recorded on four nights and even then there was very little of note save for the odd Teal and Oystercatcher.

In early March though I got busier and recorded as often as conditions would allow. Wigeon were on the move from the middle of the month as were Teal (although to a slightly lesser extent). In mid-March until at least early April there was a regular movement of Water Rail.


I had four seperate flocks of Common Scoter on the night of the 3rd / 4th April. Here's one of those flocks.


Redwing return passage started in early March and peaked at the end of the month and on some nights they were passing non-stop. As expected I managed to record the odd Fieldfare mixed in with the Redwing.


Just as I was anticipating Ring Ouzels to pass, my nocmig recorder packed in. By the time I had replaced it, the Ring Ouzels had moved through and I'd missed my chance. But I need not have despaired as the best was yet to come!

On the night of the 4th May I recorded this Lesser Whitethroat at 00:30 hours. 


I'm still not clear if this was a local bird moving around or a migrant.

Thirty minutes later on the same night I recorded my first Hawfinch, which as you'd expect I was over the moon about.


I had it down as 'unknown' at first but soon cleared that confusion up when I consulted with Sean.

On 14th May I recorded my first and probably overdue Spotted Flycatcher.


And on 22 May I struck gold with this Spotted Crake.


Work commitments meant I wasn't able to start checking areas of suitable habitat at dusk for singing Crakes but given the time of year it's possible it's a local bird rather than a migrant. They are a description species in Norfolk but surely they are under-recorded?

For now my gear is packed away but I will unpack it again towards the end of the month as the waders start heading back.

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