Monday 27 December 2021

2021 Review

Local Birding

To be honest, most of my birding this year has been local. The '5km from home' competition entered its second year and its been fantastic. My total last year was 114, this year I passed that by in the spring and am currently stuck on 129. I'd like to reach the nice round number of 130 but despite my efforts Lesser Redpoll, Woodcock and Crossbill have eluded me this year. However, it continues to throw out surprises and highlights such as Caspian Tern, Corncrake, Blue-headed Wagtail, Common Redstart, Ring Ouzel and Whinchat will ensure that I start all over again in 2022 with renewed vigour.

Caspian Tern, UEA Broad, 16th May 2021

Whinchat, West Earlham, 3rd May 2021

Blue-headed Wagtail, West Earlham, 1st May 2021



I was busy all year with Nocmig, from January until mid-November (check out my full update from earlier in the year). It was interesting to note the trends, what goes through and when. Personal highlights from my suburban garden included Cuckoo, Tree Pipit and Ring Ouzel.


Furthermore, I added Red Knot, Little Ringed Plover, Common Ringed Plover, Gadwall, Common Scoter and Little Owl to my garden nocmig list.

The Podcast

The Phil More's Corner Podcast is going from strength to strength. We recorded 13 episodes in 2021 and had a great time doing it. Its hard to pick out any one episode but for the sheer quality of the recordings he shared with us, our interview with Simon Elliott is the one that stood out for me!


What's in store, I'm almost afraid to think! Hopefully less interruption from this damn pandemic. I have a spring trip lined up to Donegal for Golden Eagle and more Corncrakes. Any other trip after that in the spring is a bonus. I'll carry on with nocmig and will reset the clock on '5km from home' and start all over. I'll probably not bird the coast that much, I enjoy local birding instead and I associate driving with commuting/working and feel more and more uncomfortable with the idea of spending several hours in a car when I can walk out the front door and enjoy what's in front of me.

I'm also taking over from Colum Flynn as Irish Rare Birds Committee (IRBC) secretary. A hard act to follow but it'll be interesting to be involved and something I can only benefit from. 

Otherwise, I just intend to continue enjoying my birding!

Monday 20 December 2021

The Phil More's Corner Podcast - Series 2 Episode 13

As the year draws to a close we reminisce on the highlights of 2021. Santa duties precluded Brian for joining us for the final episode but he is ably replaced by guest presenter Alan Dalton who fills us in on the amazing year he's had recording birds at Landsort, Sweden. Sean shares with us some of his finest recordings from what was a vintage year whilst Harry and Graham look ahead to 2022.


Tuesday 14 December 2021

Happy 10th Birthday Dear Blog!

It might seem hard to believe (it certainly does for me) but last month this blog was ten years old! It was November 2011 when I posted my first update.

Its changed a bit since then, as has my birding. The first year and a bit was in Cork, since then Norfolk. In recent times there's been less emphasis on photography, I've added more sound recordings and of course Podcast links.

Its hard to pull out the highlights but here's a quick trot down memory lane and my top ten posts of the last ten years.

1. November 2011 and my part in finding Ireland's 4th Pallid Harrier in A 'tail' of two pallids.


Pallid Harrier, Power Head, Cork, Ireland

2. May 2012 and a short visit to Cape Clear Island.

Cotter's Garden, Cape Clear Island

 3. April 2013 and finding Norfolk's first spring Red-flanked Bluetail in Blue Magic at Horsey Gap.

Red-flanked Bluetail, Horsey Gap, Norfolk

 4. April 2014 and an amazing encounter with a Two-barred Crossbill at Lynford.

Two-barred Crossbill, Lynford, Norfolk

 5. May 2014 and an unforgettable trip to Magee Marsh, Ohio for migrating spring warblers.

Prothonotary Warbler, Magge Marsh, Ohio

 6. May 2015 and finally nailing that shot of a singing Nightingale.

Nightingale, Suffolk

7. September 2015 and a stand-off between an Adder and a Bluethroat.

Bluethroat, Winterton Dunes, Norfolk

 8. First trip to Fair Isle lands my only Birdguides Photo of the Week

Blyth's Reed Warbler, Fair Isle

 9. May 2018 and a weekend with Tory Island's Corncrakes 


Corncrake, Tory Island, Donegal

 10. October 2020 and a day to remember at Happisburgh, Norfolk 

Stejneger's Stonechat, Cart Gap, Norfolk

Hope you've enjoyed that as much as I did.