Tuesday 16 May 2017

Mallorca 2017 - Day Four

Day Four (2nd May)

Our last day and really only enough time to stop en route to Palma to check a spot for Red-footed Falcon.
We had directions from the excellent thread on Birdforum run by Mike Montier Mallorca 2017 - Birdforum.
The area is called Villafranca de Bonany.  I wish we had more time to spend here, lots of unimproved agricultural land - great for Corn Buntings, Short-toed Lark and Quail.
We counted two male and two female Red-footed Falcons and several Kestrel spp. - may have been Lesser Kestrel but the heat haze and distance was too much.
We tried to tear ourselves away from the place and not miss our flight. This female Red-footed Falcon really did her best to make us stay!

Female Red-footed Falcon - Villafranca de Bonany, Mallorca - 1st May 2017

We dropped the rental car off, made our flight on time and were back in good ol' Blightly by teatime. Mallorca once again exceeded my expectations and as I write up my blog I'm back there with the sun on my back, bins 'round my neck and seeing good birds!!

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