Friday 26 May 2017

Brandon Wood Warbler

Checking my phone late on Thursday evening and I noticed a report of singing Wood Warbler near Brandon, Suffolk. So I figured that if it stayed put Friday then it might be worth bringing my gear with me and doing a crafty Wood Warbler twitch post-work.
It was reported as still singing at 5.40am on Friday morning so my gear came with me to work and I managed to see the bird later that day - a good start to the Bank Holiday weekend. Thanks Nick Moran for the directions!

Wood Warbler, Brandon, Suffolk - 26th May 2017
Not my greatest ever Wood Warbler photos. I reckon I did a little better with the one I saw at East Wretham in 2013.
I was shooting at ISO2000, the canopy light was tricky and there was a lot of foliage in the way. But still, cracking bird and great start to the weekend!

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