Monday 21 November 2016

Local Wax

Work and studying and ever shortening amounts of daylight are collectively curtailing my birding activities.
I got back late Friday night after a week spent in York where I had been receiving a crash course on Physiology, Pharmacology and Immunology. Between work, studying for an exam and winter's ever tightening grip, the birding has been few and far between.
All is not lost though. A flock of Waxwings has taken up residence locally, so I popped out last Saturday afternoon and again on Sunday morning for a quick look.
They are rapidly munching their way through the Rowans on Charles Watling Way near Bowthorpe and also on Chapel Break Road. The flock was approximately twenty-five birds though some reports say fifty plus so I suspect they are being joined from time to time by a second flock. The flock is a bit skittish and light was bad so not great photos - but still, as always, great birds!

Waxwing, Bowthorpe, Norwich

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