Sunday, 27 November 2016

Garden Waxwings

Saturday morning and out I went to fill up the feeders in the back garden. Perched on top of the trees overlooking the garden was a flock of Starlings......or so I thought. I did a retake though when I heard the sound of 'trilling' bells and then realised that the Starlings were in fact Waxwings. One of those birding dreams you have as a have a flock of Waxwings in your own back garden. I put a plate of apples out but couldn't tempt them down. Following what was a cold frosty night they spent the next couple of hours just sitting in those trees enjoying the sunshine. By 10.30am they vanished, appearing later in the afternoon as the light was dimming.
Sunday morning and they were back again and this time the flock had swelled to over thirty birds. They were dropping occassionally onto to a couple of rowan trees further up the road but spent more time flycatching from the tree-tops.

Waxwings (plus lone Starling) - taken from the bedroom window :-)

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