Sunday, 5 January 2014

'Foot it' effort stumbles (a bit)

After my mediocre start to 'Foot it' on New Year's Day, it's come to a complete standstill since. I had an early start on Saturday morning, I was up at 3am for a run to Luton airport. Should of gone back to bed when I got home but I stayed up and felt shattered this morning. The sun was shining first thing on one of those beautiful crisp winter days. I should have been up and out but stayed in the scratcher until 11am. All I could manage was to do a little sneaky 'sniping' instead. I drove up to Exeter Street in Norwich and looked around for the Waxwings, no sign. Then I drove to UEA to look for Crossbills, no sign either. The only 'new' bird I saw was a Grey Heron, which of course I can't count because I drove there rather than 'footing it'.
This evening I'm going to take a short walk around the neighbourhood and try a spot for Tawny Owl - it's one of my 'Slight Chance' species (see previous post), so if I happen to score one then it might re-invigorate my efforts. Fingers crossed!

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