Sunday, 21 April 2013

Wagtails and Whitethroats

I had been laid up for two days with a nasty bug. Friday I stayed in bed for a full day, by Saturday I had migrated as far as the couch and on Sunday I felt considerably better. Having spent two days without even so much as leaving the house I wanted to do a few hours birding. I headed out towards Horsey Gap again (re-visiting the scene of the crime and all that!) where it seemed there had been a decent arrival of Common Whitethroat. I had two along the path that runs south from the car park along with a couple of Stonechats and at least five along the path north of the car park. There was probably more!
There were also several of Chiffers calling (though not singing - oddly), a single swallow and at Waxham caravan park, four smashing looking Yellow Wagtails (flavissima) with several Pied Wags, one of which looked like a possible alba but with the light being so strong I wouldn't like to say for certain, all the others were definitely yarrellii. I tried for some Yellow Wag shots but I was shooting through wire mesh, there was heat haze, the sun was side on......yaddy, yaddy yaddy!! Anyway, in the end all I got were record shots. Of all the Yellow Wag races I think flavissima is one of the nicest, although a male feldegg must look impressive!

Yellow Wagtail, Waxham caravan park, Norfolk - 21st April 2013
Still not feeling 100% after my bug, I returned back along the track to the car park and headed back to Norwich.

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