Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The twelve birds of Christmas - part two

The third bird

It was late September and I was at Pilmore Strand, checking the flock of Goldies I had surprised myself by finding an American Golden Plover. My camera body nearly died getting this shot ('An (almost) expensive finds tick') but in the end it lived to tell the tale.
Anyway, I liked how the bird stood out amongst its European cousins, smaller, greyer, slightly more attenuated and of course, with a lovely striking supercilium.

American Golden Plover, Pilmore Strand, Co. Cork - September 2012
Focal length - 700mm, shutter - 1/400s, aperture - f5.6, ISO400. Equipment resting on a frying pan!

The fourth bird

Over to Latvia  for the next one. This fine Great Reed Warbler put on a show almost every day for the two weeks I was there during the summer. It wasn't in the least bit troubled by me or any other passers by. Confident, noisy, handsome and very entertaining. Lovely bird.

Great Reed Warbler, Lielupe, Latvia - June 2012
Focal length - 500mm, shutter 1/1250s, aperture - f4, ISO200 with tripod.

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