Thursday, 6 December 2012

Norwich's Birding Barber

We've been house-hunting in Norwich for the last few days. Seems a very nice city and I reckon we will both be very hapy living here.
This morning I popped out for a quick haircut. The first thing I noticed when I sat down in the barbers was a Kowa scope set up in the corner. I had to ask of course, and the barber explained that a regular customer had lent it to them so they and other customers could watch the Peregrines on Norwich Cathedral.

BBC news article - Norwich Cathedral Peregrines

I'm looking to pick up a secondhand Kowa TSN821 and, as it happens, that was just the type of scope it was. There was no sign this morning of the Peregrines but the image quality through the scope was good, so I may invest.

Birding barbers in Norwich
I think its a good omen, reckon I'll be quite happy in Norwich and I'll keep an eye myself on the Cathedral falcons.

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