Tuesday, 15 November 2011

One last look!

One more day out birding before reality bites and I return to work. I thought I'd have another crack off the Pallas's Warbler and possibly get some better shots plus it could be at least a year before I see another Pallas's Warbler, it had after all been 4 years since I last saw one!
However by the time I reached the garden where the bird was whatever bit of sunshine that had been there earlier was now gone and I had to ratchet the camera up to 1000 ISO before I could get shutter speeds of between 160 and 200. The bird was still in the garden showing reasonably well but it was unlikely that I'd improve upon yesterday's image. Instead it was just time to watch and enjoy the bird through my bins. A pale looking and silent Chiffchaff was feeding actively in the fushcias around the garden. Its probably an ordinary Chiffer but its upperparts seemed very pale......not sure if that signifies anything though to be honest. (Footnote: this bird was heard to call the following day and confirmed as tristis after all!).

Chiffchaff 15th November 2011 - Power Head

There was no sign of the Yellow-browed Warbler which had been present yesterday. Here's a record shot of the little guy from yesterday at least.
Yellow-browed Warbler - 14th November 2011 - Power Head
I did a brief check of the same spot where the 2009 Dusky Warbler had been and had a second Chiffchaff there and the first Redwing of the winter!
I detoured home via Ballynamona but with the tide fully out I decided to check the laneway for the Whinchat but it seems to have moved on, hopefully it's warming its bones somewhere in southern France or Spain by now.

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