Saturday, 5 November 2011

Knockadoon 'sore' Head

Last night was my 'going away' do from work so fully expecting a bad hangover today I had made no plans to do any birding. However news of a RB Fly giving amazing views at the campsite on Knockadoon Head was too tempting so I dragged my sorry carcase off the couch and headed out.
Once I reached the site I found several other birders watching a Garden Warbler in the brambles opposite the campsite, the RB Fly had been sitting out earlier giving great views but was now nowhere to be seen. In fact I never got to see the bird despite checking several possible places. It's around somewhere and will hopefully oblige tomorrow if it stays.
Anyway, I'm personally a fan of Garden Warblers so I was quite happy to see if I could get some shots of this one. It remained quite close in the brambles but there was always a leaf or a branch in the way of 'that' shot. However after a little wait it got somewhat more showey for me and I managed some pics as it munched away happily on the blackberries.

Garden Warbler - Knockadoon Head 5th November 2011

While at Knoackadoon there was also news of a Buff-bellied Pipit found by Dennis O'Sullivan on Ballynamona Beach this afternoon with a Water Pipit also there,that one found by Owen. With all the weed on the beach it has the potential to pull in some more nice birds...maybe a Wheatear of some sort Santa!

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