Monday 16 May 2022

Denizens of the night

Nightjars have been one of my favourite groups of birds for some time. Everything from Nightjars, Nighthawks, Potoos, Frogmouths, Owlet-Nightjars to Oilbirds just fascinate me. Whether its their cryptic plumage, nocturnal habits, the strange noises they make, the superstition and old wive-tales that accompany them or all of that! 

So, I count myself very lucky to have European Nightjars breeding only a short drive away from where I live. Saturday was a warm and calm day so just as the sun was dropping I hopped in the car, drove the short distance to the spot and got myself set up.


Parabolic microphone at the ready

 I didn't need to wait long after sun set for the first birds to appear. Two males chasing each other around. One of which posed a couple of times on his favourite post as the light faded.

European Nightjar - 14th May 2022

As the light faded the birds got more active, males chasing each other around, wing clapping and chirping before settling on their favourite high perches to churr away.


All photos taken at ISO51400 - that's as high as the setting goes on my camera hence the super-grainy shots, but you get the picture.

And of course there's that 'song'!


Despite bug spray I got eaten alive by midges, but you must suffer for your art! All in all a very enjoyable hour with the Nightjars and hopefully not my only visit there this summer.

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