Sunday, 14 June 2020

Spring keeps springing

We may be about to enter the birding doldrums but spring isn't giving up just yet. Unfortunately with work I wasn't able to get in on the Blyth's Reed or Rosy Pastor action. However, with east winds and rain for several days I decided to take a holiday on Friday and was out at Happisburgh at 7am looking for migrants. I realise that at this time of year migration will have virtually stopped so it'll be a case of all or nothing. It wasn't quite nothing, I did find this Corn Bunting at the end of Dogget's Lane near Cart Gap.

I believe its been four years since the last site record so it was a decent enough find. In fact, when I think about it, in my lifetime, I've not seen many Corn Buntings. I've seen more Ortolan Buntings and I've not seen many of them!

On Saturday morning I hared across to Thorpe Marshes when news broke of a singing Savi's Warbler, so far I've only heard them in the UK, so although views for me were poor, at least I could add it to the list.

I didn't hear the Corncrake but its still there apparently. Two Cuckoos chasing each other around were a nice diversion while I waited for the Savi's to show.

On Sunday afternoon, I also added a further UK tick with this Swedish ringed Caspian Tern at Potter Heigham.

Caspian Tern, Potter Heigham, Norfolk - 14th June 2020

I counted five Spoonbills also plus plenty of Common Terns, Reed Warbler, Avocets and Marsh Harriers.

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