Monday, 15 December 2014

The twelve birds of Christmas - part one

As a way to look back on 2014, between now and Christmas, I will be posting up some photos of my birding and photography highlights from the year gone by.
They're in no particular order, just a random selection of my favourite shots with a short description and some technical blurb added for good measure.

The first bird

A flock of Crossbills at Lynford Arboretum in Norfolk were using a puddle to drink from. With very kind permission from the property owners I was able to sit quietly nearby while the birds came down to drink. Presumably part of the influx in late July 2013, this very fine male Two-barred Crossbill showed very well as he quenched his thirst one morning in mid-April.

Taken on tripod with a shutter speed of 1/640, ISO400, focal length 700mm and exp comp. +0.33.

The second bird

Amongst the flock was this contentious bird. Some said wing-barred Common Crossbill, some said Two-barred Crossbill and some thought hybrid. There was much debate on-line but to date its identity remains unclear. However it too has to have a drink!

Taken on tripod with a shutter speed of 1/250, ISO400, focal length 700mm and exp comp. +0.33.

All in all a great morning's birding and best view I'd ever had of any Crossbill species. More to follows tomorrow!

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