Monday, 17 February 2014

Waxwing - a Norwich tick

Despite a couple of tries earlier in the winter, I hadn't connected yet with any of the Waxwings frequenting Norwich. A single bird found by James Emerson feeding on an apple tree on Ber Street, Norwich just opposite John Lewis was worth a go. I dropped Polina into town on Saturday morning and came back via Ber Street. I struggled at first to locate the apple tree but in the end I ended up parking right beside it. The single, lone and solitary Waxwing was easy to locate of course. I spent an hour watching it and trying to take some shots from between the wire mesh fence and the tangle of twigs and branches on the apple tree. Being in the city centre I attracted quite a bit of interest from passers-by. But its always good to be able to show non-birders something special like a Waxwing, it might even light a spark for someone.

1st winter Waxwing - Ber Street, Norwich - 15th February 2014


  1. Worthy of a mention on Radio Norwich...

  2. It got as far as the local press but not Radio Norwich sadly ;-)