Saturday 31 August 2013


No joy today with the Strumpshaw Fen Wryneck. I got accurate directions via BF yesterday and was all set to leave work at 4pm Friday evening to go see the bird when 'stuff' happened and it was 7pm before I left.
I rose at 6am this morning and was 'on site' by 7am but there was no sign of it. I gave it about an hour and fifteen minutes before declaring. An Osprey was present and at one stage flew over Rockland Broad across the Yare and over towards Buckenham carrying a large fish. So that was some consolation. It was also good to bump into Kit Day, who I rate as one of the finest bird photographers in the UK.
Footnote: now being reported from Strumpshaw Fen at 12.31pm!

Bigger footnote: I went back around 5pm and had reasonable views of the bird along the path close to the pump house - my third Wryneck of the week.  Not the best photos ever, but a smashing bird!

Wryneck, Strumpshaw Fen, Norfolk - 31st August 2013


  1. Hi Graham,glad to see you got a shot or two of the Wryneck,we met and chatted early that morning,then you came back later on, as I did,
    all the best Ian

    1. Hi Ian, it was good to meet you. Hope you got some better shots than me of the Wryneck. Thanks also for reading my blog and hope to see you out in the field soon.


  2. Great shots of a cracking bird Graham. Tasty, very,very tasty.