Wednesday 24 July 2013

Protecting Ireland's Hen Harriers

I am embarrassed, angry and depressed all at the same time. This shocking level of ignorance and ineptitude demonstrated by a public official, paid to protect and promote Ireland's biodiversity and its environment both locally and at EU level.
Councillor John Sheahan from both Limerick County Council and the Irish Delegation to the EU Committee of the Regions (of which he is also a member), which means he represents Ireland at the EU, has called for “open season” on the Hen Harrier unless there are changes to special protection areas (SPA).

Full details on the following link

Owen Foley has set up the following e-petition, I would encourage as many as possible to sign this please.

Thank you!

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  1. Graham, The attitude of government officials in this god forsaken place as well as some of the farmers just boggles the mind. Been from Limerick I watched at how they erected large wind farms, stripped and raped the bogs while also burning large area's of bogland where the Harriers were nesting (I even heard rumors that the people erecting the wind farms hired a guy to shoot harriers if they were going to interrupt their plans to erect these monstrosities,they may of been rumors who knows) and other nesting areas that birds like Grasshopper, Sedge warblers, Meadow pipits, Skylarks, and Stonechats use in the summer. Not to mention a bird very close to my heart the Red Grouse whose numbers are dropping rapidly due to habit destruction and over hunting. Yet I don't recall one prosecution nor will we. So I hope Owens links is used by all and give this government a wake up call it has being needing for a long time. I hope!