Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Still snowing

The snow continues here in Norfolk. My car did its MOT this morning and passed with flying colours.........well done Bessie! Just as I was leaving Norwich then to head to Thetford via the A11 the snow started again and it quickly became very heavy. Traffic crawled along and after an hour and fifteen minutes I had only gone eight miles. There were already several crashes in both directions and it was getting pretty hairy. I turned back somewhere near Wymondham. It then took almost two hours to go back into Norwich. I thought Ireland was the only country that grinds to a halt when its snows, seems I wrong about that. By the time I got home I felt like kissing the driveway.....such was my relief.
On the plus side while I was stuck waiting at the Thickthorn roundabout a Green Woodpecker flew over...........one for the year list and if I want, one for my 'Irish and British' list (although I haven't decided whether to start a 'British' list or a 'British and Irish' list or even an 'Irish and British' list yet).
After several hours in the car I took a brief walk up to Eaton Park before it got dark. A couple of flyover Goldfinches were the best there.

Judge's Walk, Norwich this evening

Its stopped snowing for the moment but there's more forecast for later this week!


  1. Please, please don't start an Irish and British list. You will only give lrge ego the ability to say an Irish birder actually keeps such a list.

  2. But am I an Irish birder still........or an Irish birder living in Britain....I think there already is someone anyway with an Irish and British list so I won't be the first.

  3. Hmm tough one Graham, being the exact opposite to you - i.e. a Brit birder living in Ireland. I only have an Irish list, anything else goes on the life list, but really it's up to the individual and whatever floats their boat. Whatever you decide, here's hoping there's lots of great birds and photos to come! ;-)

  4. Cheers Floss, in the end its not going to matter what sort of list I keep as its unlikely to ever worry the top listers here or in Ireland. I'll just keep a list of what I see, where and when. And hopefully some great birds and good photos too obviously!