Monday, 30 November 2015

Birding Advent Calendar - 1st December

Instead of the usual annual round-up by way of my 'Twelve Birds of Christmas', this year I will do a Birding Advent Calendar - one bird each and every day from the 1st December right up to 25th December........there'll be no Robins but plenty of other good stuff from the year gone by.

So to kick it all off here's a nice one, the always popular and this year plentiful, Yellow-browed Warbler. During my week on Fair Isle there was an unprecedented arrival of these fine little birds, on one day conservatively I reckon I had twenty eight birds myself (I tried not to double count). At the log that night Dave Parnaby considered that the island count was fifty-three. The highest ever single day count for the species on Fair Isle.

Yellow-browed Warbler, Fair Isle, Shetland, September 2015

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