Sunday, 10 March 2013

Early birds and real ale

Its been brass monkeys here in Norfolk for the last few days. I'm watching the snow flakes fall outside as I write and while its exciting to see some of the early migrants on the south coast, you'd have to wonder how many will survive the cold conditions. Speaking of early arrivals Dublin birder Niall Keogh had an excellent record of two Firecrests yesterday in the garden on Great Saltee in Wexford. I would have thought it'd be too early to hit Great Saltee but I was wrong.......good call Niall!
There's been no birding for me of late but we did take a spin over to Bury St. Edmunds yesterday where we took part in an excellent tour of the Greene King brewery. I bought a few samples in the brewery shop and am currently working my way through them with Polina's help. Old Golden Hen is still my favorite although Greene King IPA is a close second. Going back to my student days I worked in a bar but never used one of those pump type taps, it was good to have a go from the other side of the counter once more. Here's me helping myself to some Abbot Ale Reserve.

Working the pumps at Greene King Brewery

Polina had a go as well!

P pulls a half of Greene King IPA
A good day out but hopefully some birding to report next weekend.........assuming it stops snowing!

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